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Affordable living is vital to attracting and retaining business, industry, and residents.

Independence residents enjoy lower tax rates than most surrounding cities. However, our electric utility rates place a burden on our residents because we lack enough industry and large business users to adequately spread out the cost of our power and light infrastructure.

Careful budget management, efforts to increase revenue, and a "back to basics" approach to our local government are critical to maintaining our affordability.  Power generation looks very different now, than it did when Independence acquired the electric utility.  It's time to seriously consider the best ways to provide affordable and reliable power to our city.

That means having big, difficult conversations, setting aside notions of "the way we've always done" things, and being willing to make well-founded, tough decisions to ensure the community's best long-term interests are met.


  • Ensure we have a fiscally responsible budget that provides excellent Basic Services and maximizes State and Federal funding opportunities.

  • Seek out State and Federal grants and other funding mechanisms to stretch every dollar to its fullest potential.

  • Better educate our community about our tax rates, compared to other area cities, and provide full, transparent accounting of our revenue and expenses.

  • Better educate our community about the changing world of power generation.

  • Engage citizens, business and civic leaders, and elected officials in collaborative discussions about the city's future power needs and costs, and the value and liabilities of owning our utility.