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Business and Jobs

We can't be a bedroom community any more.

A bedroom community is one where residents live and play...leave every day to work elsewhere.  Independence needs more living wage jobs IN Independence.

This means we need to do more than pay lip-service to economic development.

We need to invest in infrastructure improvements that draw industry into the Little Blue Valley like our Comprehensive Plan calls for. 

At the same time, we need need to commit to  infrastructure improvements for our Historic Square and older business districts.


  • Grow investment in the Independence Economic Development Council

  • Meet with residents in the Little Blue Valley and partner with them on what new industrial businesses should look like in order to be compatible with established developments

  • Increase partnerships with local school districts and colleges to ensure the upcoming workforce is trained for potential local employers

  • Commit to infrastructure improvements to retain businesses on the Square, in Englewood, Fairmount, and all of our older and historic business districts