Quality Housing and Clean neighborhoods for All

We need to ensure there are quality, clean, and safe housing options for ALL.

A successful community has housing available for every income level and designs new residential developments to be comparable with existing infrastructure and city services.

Attracting new housing developments is critical, but we need to re-focus our attention on the needs of our older parts of the city as well.

Rental housing options must be affordable, clean, safe, and add value to neighborhoods.  When older neighborhoods are neglected, crime increases, property values plummet, and quality of life slips away.  Giving attention to both the new and existing housing in our city is a must.


  • Use sensible code enforcement and free neighborhood clean-up events to fight blight, not just the current complaint-driven system that pits neighbor against neighbor and distracts staff from bigger, more impactful problems.

  • Assign staff to a Neighborhood Improvement Team to support citizen-led efforts to organize, revitalize, and improve our neighborhoods.

  • Use the Council commissioned housing study to understand our existing housing needs across the broad demographics of the city

  • Listen to residents' concerns for the issues in individual neighborhoods

  • Create a better pathway for rental residents to get problems addressed

  • Establish a Landlord-Tenant Board/Commission that works to ensure safe, clean, healthy rental housing in the city and explores ways to increase landlord compliance with existing ordinances

  • Study forecasts for housing needs and potential housing crises due to market volatility in the pandemic AND develop a plan for responding to neighborhoods in crisis when houses are abandoned and fall into disrepair