• Experienced leadership
  • Passion for serving community
  • Demonstrated Integrity
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Hi.  I don't know if we've met yet, but if not, let me introduce myself a little.  My name is Marcie.  It isn't short for anything else.  It's just Marcie.  :-)

I was born right here in Independence and have lived here my whole life. In fact, I've lived in all four Council districts at some point, calling the Historic Truman Neighborhood my home since my husband Steve and I bought our house north of the Square in 1992.  We were married for 25 years before my husband died of cancer.  We were blessed with four sons; three still live with me and the eldest is married and has an adorable little baby girl with his wife.  They live in the historic area too.  My kids and granddaughter are one of the biggest reasons I've dedicated most of my adult life to making Independence a better place.  I want this amazing community to be the place in which they raise their families.  I know that sounds a little selfish, but truly, it's what motivates me.  And you know what?  I want that for ALL of our  citizens and families.  I want Independence to be the community they can live, work, and play in for generations!

I've been deeply involved in our community my whole life.  I served as District One Councilmember from 2006-2016 and before that served on our Planning Commission for 10 years, chairing it for seven.

I've got the experience necessary to hit the ground running when I'm elected.  And it's successful experience.  While I was a district councilmember,  we accomplished a lot together.:

  • We built an Events Center, brought the KC Mavericks hockey team to town, as well as the Comets, and provided a venue for concerts and major events.

  • We built the city's first Inclusive Playground and park

  • We held neighborhood revitalization meetings and strategically planned for improvements in infrastructure, policing, parks, community connectedness, and more

  • We revitalized neighborhoods in northwest Independence

  • And So Much More!

We got so much accomplished because the majority of the Council valued civility, respect for citizens and employees, and working together to get things done!

We face challenging times right now...and in the foreseeable future.  We need a City Council that can work together for the best interests of the whole community.  We can fix things.

I've been successful as a Councilmember before, and I'll bring the same steady leadership with me as I serve again.  I look forward to serving the City as Councilmember At-Large.