It's Official! I filed for City Councilmember At-Large

I filed for office first thing this morning. I will be listed third on the ballot. I'm very grateful for all those who took time to sign my petition to place my name on the ballot. While 250 names doesn't sound like a lot in a city of about 120,000 residents (about 65k voters), it's challenging to get the 250. In a pandemic year, I didn't want to go door-to-door and make folks uncomfortable. Also, I'm very sensitive to taking up someone's time at their door when they weren't expecting a visitor. Sooooo, I got about 220 of the signatures from friends and acquaintances I personally know, and that takes time! While it was slow and tedious, it was also very gratifying to get to visit one-on-one with so many people who have supported me over the years of my public service! Thank you to everyone for your time, encouragement, and (of course) your signature!

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